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California Hemp Regulations & Registration for Growers

California is now becoming the USA's largest hemp growing, production and consumption market.

Hemp is legal to grow in California, and in all its 58 counties. The California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) is the state agency responsible for hemp regulation in California. The CDFA has now issued its hemp agriculture rules and farming registration process.

Hemp farmers need to register with their local County Agricultural Commissioner. County Agricultural Commission offices will share a registration fee with CDFA and information from a one-page registration form. The California hemp farming fee is $900. per year. Hemp has no special taxes. Farmers can grow as many acres as they wish on land zoned for agricultural purposes. As of mid-May there are over 2,000 acres of land on California registered to grow hemp.


Regulations Approved for Registration of Hemp in California

California State Registration Application Packet for Growers

California Industrial Hemp Program Frequently Asked Questions

California State Sampling Procedures for Testing Hemp for THC Content

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